Corvo Lounge in Bridgend has changed everything.

Eating out with a child with autism is a tricky thing.

There are so many factors that influence our decision when it comes to deciding where to eat.

Is it KFC? No! Avoid!

For a while we had resigned myself to the fact that we could only go to places that had a drive through window, no longer is this the case.

Corvo Lounge in Bridgend has changed everything.

It’s a bit of a joke now with our friends regarding how often we actually eat there.

Why do we go there so often?

  • Comfy seats? Check!
  • Yummy Food? Check!
  • Friendly Atmosphere? Check!

The main reason we eat there though is because of the staff!

Why would the staff bring you back again and again?

They are amazing with Hunter! Beyond amazing!

Despite being much better with his food he can still be fussy and they accommodate him without us even asking every time.

He wanted chips with his breakfast, not a problem.

Last weekend he wanted pancakes but not how they serve them. Lauren asked him how he would like them, Hunter said he would like them with chocolate sauce and strawberries ( not even close to how they are served ) and she made it happen! She even went to Tesco to get the strawberries he wanted as they don’t normally have them.

We know what you’re thinking…. how can we be so demanding and ask these people to change their menus for us? We don’t! We never have! They 100% bend over backwards to make sure Hunter enjoys himself while we are there.

Connor will always check what colour cutlery Hunter would like, if Hunter wants to help him set the table for us Conner will let him.

We have never been anywhere that is this attentive to the needs of a child before!

This past Sunday they were raising money for Y Bont a local charity that help disabled children and families and it was a fabulous event full of fun things for kids and grown ups!

No longer do we have to tolerate nuggets and manly chips, now we can enjoy amazing food and Hunter can choose from a lovely selection of kids food and also enjoy it ( plus a toffee sundae is usually required )

We are not being paid to say these things, We genuinely love this place and want everyone to know what a welcoming place it is for families with or without autistic children…. oh and you can also take your dogs..

Let us not forget the cocktails… best leave the kids at home though!




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